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Until recently William ran a production company in Madrid. He sold up and came back home to be a partner with his father at Cawley Farms, Herefordshire. He set straight to work and built a rather big dairy.


Those three statements are proof enough that William is not your average Farmer. His creative and cosmopolitan, ballsy and broadminded inputs equal big ideas.


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Nature and art, farming and food are life loves and have always reflected in Rosie's work. All her career experiences so far have revolved around these happy things in some form, teamed with creativeness and originality.


The happenstance of Veau Beau with its diverse but parallel strands is her on-brand, off-beat creation with down-to-earth roots in the lucid concept of Enlightened Agriculture.

Why veal happens...


I’m a fan of transparency in all things. An ‘open book’. So here’s the story of why veal has to happen. In simple terms.


A cow needs to have a calf to produce milk. That requires a bull. That bull might be a beef bull – in which case the progeny will be ideal to grow into beef. It will be half it’s ‘boney’ dairy mother but will have enough beefiness about it (thanks to the sire) to put on lovely muscle. Perfect for steak or the rib roast most of us enjoy so much as a treat.

OR that bull might be a ‘dairy’ bull. The progeny of this coupling will be a pure dairy calf. Perfect for growing-up to be milked one day. If it’s a girl. If it’s a boy we have a dilemma.


His pure dairy breeding doesn’t lend itself well to be reared for meat in the long-term. He can eat and eat and eat and never really gain copious muscle. Sadly, the result is very little demand for his attributes. The terrible fact is that many dairy bull calves are shot at birth.

A waste of a life. A waste of potential protein. And a crying shame for the farmer whose instincts are all against bringing a farm animal into the world for no reason.


But there’s another option ethically, ecologically, gastronomically and nutritionally. That’s Veau Beau.


Please go to the Little Veal page for the next part of the story.

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