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Our ethics go further than eco-meat. We want not a bit to be wasted and the same goes for the calf-hide


Homegrown leather

We'll be working with a micro tannery to produce truly homegrown, handmade leather to sell direct to top design studios who truly appreciate their materials and give a solemn nod to the animal it came from.


In the future we will glean from the farm our own leaves and bark - sweet chestnut and oak and willow and more -

to create our own very special tanning mixes to cure the leather.


The first Maker who will be working with Veau Beau leather is the brilliant Otzi London.

We’ll be posting about this exciting collab over the next few months on Instagram and Twitter.



William Cowley Ltd have been vellum makers since 1870 and its skilled workers quietly uphold the tradition

that dates back more than 2000 years. In fact they are the last business in the UK to practice this ancient craft

and the process is still the same as it ever was. Everything is done by hand.


The only reason we know as much as we know about previous civilisations is because they all scribbled on parchment and vellum. Vellum withstands the test of time unlike any other written media. King John of England signed the Magna Carta on it, the Mappa Mundi was drawn on it and Acts of Parliament continue to be written on its white scrolls. They will last 5000 years and more. Fitting memorial and laudation for our calves’ hides.


All vellum is made to order and customers include fashion designers, artists, musicians and governments.


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